Knives Legacy

Knives Legacy is a collection of 4,444 generative Knives with hundreds of elements inspired by the CS Universe (Skins).

Each artwork is original and there is only a limited amount of each knife in the collection, so hurry up and grab yours.

A budget of over 15k has been established as a starting point toward game development in which your NFTs can be used.

7% Reflections have been introduced for the secondary market for each sale, 95% for the seller, 5% for the holders, and finally 2% for the project (DAO/lottery).

Knives Legacy has recently released 4 NFT avatar series claimable for FREE for holders, depending on the type of knife minted

One of 4 NFTs will be granted per a minted knife

These characters are not necessary to play the game, but they will allow 5% more chance to succeed in a mission. These avatars will also be subject to reflections.

In the works
  • A governance token that will feed the whole ecosystem of the game, the lottery, the DAO, and the projects that will stem from it.
  • Gen2 Knives (TBA)
  • P2E (play to ear) F2P (free to play) Game (for NFT holders)
Take a Sneak Peak at the coming game

Each knife will have a score depending on its rarity.

The rarer a knife is, the higher its score will be.

A knife will be the only collectible ESSENTIAL to play the game

A DAO of investment in “ideas” and not projects

A form will be available for people who have potentially promising ideas but not the means or the time to concretize. We’ll take care of making it a solid project if the community decides to do so. The initiator of the idea will be offered a % of the profit and a job of an advisor throughout its implementation. For the knife holders, it will allow another source of ROI.

Lottery for Knife Holders

All those who participate in the Mint will be entered into the drawing! The December prize paid out over $2000

Bonus Giveaway Sponsored by @Avaware & Embr.Finance
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