Today is the release of Penguin Finance’s long-awaited NFTs project: CryptoPuffies! This is a project that was announced months ago, but has been a long time coming. CryptoPuffies is a collection of 8888 cute ‘Puffies’ that you can mint for 2 $AVAX each. They present different traits and rarities in a random way, as is usual in the sector. But it doesn’t stop there, as the Penguin Finance team is preparing several attractive utilities for their NFTs.

Today, February 15th at 6am UTC, the pre-sale of CryptoPuffies has started, for which a ‘Golden Ticket’ is required, allowing you to buy 1 Puffie per ticket at a discount (1.75 $AVAX); this ticket is awarded by having participated in previous Penguin Finance events. 12 hours later, at 6pm UTC the public sale begins, so if you have not been able to access a Golden Ticket this will be the time you can mint your Puffies. And if you’re late, don’t worry, they will be active in the main NFT Marketplaces and you will be able to buy yours.

One of the possibilities will be to stake your NFTs to generate $AVAX, $PEFI and/or $iPEFI passively, get better Launchpad positions or increased yield in some PEFI farms, among others. Another utility will be its use in different metaverse games like CryptoSeals or Avaxtars, which means you can use it to play not only in Penguin Finance, but also in other projects, which might be increasing in number.

From an artistic point of view, different funny features have been designed with hints to the Avalanche ecosystem as well as to well-known video games or fictional characters. The artistic appeal has been applied to the NFTs’ mint process itself, with cool animations showing their birth ‘from the egg’ in an interactive way.

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