It is clear that the cryptocurrency sector is gaining more and more traction in finance around the world, although it is still early days for the sector, we already see some key steps that indicate that mainstream adoption is imminent. One of these can be seen in the collaboration between Ava Labs and MasterCard.

On its website, MasterCard has published an excellent note discussing the benefits of blockchain technology, the evolution from its origins and the role that Emin Gün Sirer, founder of Avalanche, has played from very early on. It is well known that the main problem that blockchains have faced until today has been to solve the “trilemma” by which there could not be a decentralised, fast and secure network at the same time. This was the case until the appearance of Avalanche, created to solve this problem.

Having sorted this problem, access to blockchain technology for day-to-day finance is getting closer and closer, which is why Ava Labs joined Mastercard’s Start Path at the end of 2021, a programme that helps start-ups grow through access to Mastercard’s expertise and resources. The ultimate goal is that one day in the near future, when making a payment, it will be done through blockchain technology, i.e. transparently, reliably and securely. The future is here!

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