We are in times of decentralisation and more and more people start thinking about possible alternative solutions to the current big internet sites such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. MyStandard, an employment app launched in Avalanche, aims to do just that. With the slogan “Your data, your career, your control”, it aims to ensure that you are always in possession of your personal information and be able to monetise it.

At MyStandard, an organisation looking for new talent can buy information directly from its users. Users control at all times how much data they want to share, all under Avalanche technology, which ensures that it works in a decentralised way. Employers can search through the MyStandard database using filters and make offers to those users who meet their requirements. The user remains anonymous until they agree to share their data via the App. If the employer decides to go ahead with the selection process and interview you, the candidate will receive MyStandard tokens. This saves companies from having to pay intermediaries in the recruitment process, while the user receives a direct benefit in exchange for sharing their data. We must not forget that nowadays big companies do multi-million dollar business with our data, without us receiving anything in return.

The application will be launched in stages, so we will have to wait to be able to take full advantage of it. If you want to keep up to date with their progress and be the first to try out their App, you can sign up to their ‘waiting list’ on their website. If you wish to know in detail how their protocol works, you can read the whitepaper. Will it make us forget about centralised sites like LinkedIn in the future? Let’s hope so!

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