Neko Friends Trainer is an open-world 3D browser-based game that’s built on the Avalanche Network. The ever expanding game features native controller functionality, allowing players to utilize PlayStation or Xbox controllers to navigate the expansive 3D world with their own NFT 3D character directly in their browser, with no downloads necessary.

Each character is an NFT and has multiple different traits that can affect your in-game play characteristics. Players enjoy constant game updates, and subtle differences optimizing the game and experience as we build towards Main World multiplayer gameplay. The current version of this live game allows players to explore an early development phase world and win great crypto prizes by keeping up to date and interacting with Neko Friends on Twitter.

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Tokenomics (How does it work)

Each character is an NFT on the leading tech, green blockchain, Avalanche. Avalanche was chosen for its lightning-quick transaction speeds, zero downtime, and super low transaction fees, normally only a few cents or less. Even as you read, different games are being created around the characters and teamwork will be beneficial for a players progress in Main World gameplay. Once publicly published, The world will require a network of players to run different industries of the game including mining, farming, fishing, and gathering of resources. These resources will be used in crafting, cooking, and building in the Main World game.

Beyond the main world objectives, there will be many different ways to play and enjoy your Neko Friend including sports and Arena.

Neko Friends are mintable with many different levels of discount for holders of certain AVAX NFTS

How do I get a Neko?

The game has been live with players running around in a 3D space with their 3D NFTs since May 10, 2022, and has been in development since Jun of 2021.

To play you will need a Neko Friend, there are only 8888 Nekos in the collection, mintable and playable at Holding a Neko Friend NFT gives you IP rights to your held Neko and is your key to the NekoVerse.

How do I get more Nekos?

Neko Friends NFT characters are a publicly tradable Verified collection on NFTrade and Campfire NFT Marketplaces. Players can auction, swap, and sell their Nekos at will on these global marketplaces created by great builders.

What is next for Neko Friends?

Major updates on the way as the creators build towards Main World Gameplay that will include multiplayer gameplay, inventory systems, and crafting.

Stay in the loop with Neko Friends on Twitter or Discord to be the first to know when a new update has been released.

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