neon monsters

This week, Neon Monsters went live on Avalanche. Neon Monsters are a set of NFT’s with a wide variety of options.

Build your Neon Monster Collection!

The first generation of Neon Monsters comprises 10,000 randomly selected monsters, from a set of over 300,000.


Neon Monsters has integrated a reflection minting structure, allowing users to earn $AVAX by holding an NFT.

Every minting fee is reflected by the NFT holder and can be claimed at any time.

For every 500 Neon Monsters claimed, the price of the NFT increases by 0.1 $AVAX, with reflection decreasing by 2%.


In Neon Monster’s marketplace, original minters of the NFT’s accrue a 1% royalty every time their monster is resold!

Additionally, 3% of every sale is reallocated between all holders.


Neon Monsters has some inspiring plans shortly, as the first generation of monsters is minted.

Below is the roadmap for the first generation of the series.

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