Moonriver is Kusama’s version of Moonbeam. A para-chain, with huge promise.

Relay, a sister project to Avalanche’s ZERO, has implemented two new chains.

Relay’s bridges

Of which, Canary has opened a farm to support Moonriver farming on Avalanche. You can now farm MOVR/AVAX on Canary with some sky-high APYs.

Yay games opens their BSC / AVAX bridge

One of Avalanche’s premier gaming projects. Yay Games. Launched through an Avalaunch IDO. Has now opened their BSC/AVAX bridge.

Allowing for transfers between both ecosystems. And growing popularity for their forthcoming blockchain gaming projects. to list HurricaneSwap’s HCT

A large CEX,, is listing yet another Avalanche token. This time its HCT.

Pangolin announces Autonomy integration

Autonomy supports a bunch of automated defi tasks. Including stop losses, take profits, impermanent loss protection. Among many others.

In their latest medium article they mention their integration. If they’re to integrate these elements it’ll be a game changer for Pangolin.

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