Just three days ago we covered the launch of WAGMI, Avalanche’s second subnet, a high throughput testbed for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) optimisations. That same day also saw the birth of its first meme-token: $OG, which was also the first to have liquidity on the subnet, through the OG/wWAGI pool, accessible here.

Although we don’t know much about them yet, it seems that those responsible are related to the Pangolin team, or at least are making use of the contracts deployed by them on the WAGMI subnet. Little do we know about their tokenomics, but their price (real or otherwise) has skyrocketed since their first tweets, and the ”meme” nature of the token is starting to take effect, circulating more and more around the net. Are you going to miss it?

In addition to $OG and Pangolin, others taking their first steps on the WAGMI network are Yetiswap, which has deployed the network’s first marketplace, where you can create, buy or sell your NFTs. The only NFTs launched so far on WAGMI are the Neon Monsters, which you can see in the aforementioned marketplace.

The Avalanche subnets are taking their first baby steps, be part of history by participating in their first projects!

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