Who says competitors can’t get along?

Today on the Pangolin Discord server a potential vulnerability in Canary.Exchange that would allow the contracts owner to drain part of the invested funds and redistribute them as they see fit was brought to attention by community member Mo Gibbs

Pangolin developers took a look at the contracts in question and came to the same conclusion that there was a vulnerability. The group of developers reviewing the contracts reached out to the Canary developer offering their advice and potential solutions to the issue. A great display of camaraderie from two competing exchanges!

The canary team was alerted and promptly made an appearance, ready to tackle the issue and find a solution to make sure investors funds are safe and to put the community at ease.

They investigated the claims and communicated with the community throughout the process diligently

The canary team promptly took action and armed with the help of the Pangolin developer team were able to find a viable solution that ensured investor funds are safe from any kind of rug pull attack.

In the end any tragedy was avoided and the helpful collaboration between the two teams was beneficial to the Avalanche community as a whole. This is the type of stuff we like to see, two competitors working together to strengthen and secure the projects that make up the Avalanche community.

Good job to everyone involved! Be sure to check out Pangolin & Canary exchanges using the links below.

Pangolin On Twitter
Canary On Twitter

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