Maximizer is staying true to its vow to pursue the best blue-chip partnerships available within the Avalanche ecosystem. As they’ve officially announced as of today, January 24, 2022, they have done just that by adding Platypusdefi to their list of notable partnerships.

Maximizer intends to accumulate voting power in the Platypus DAO with each PTP-MAXI mint, and then turbocharger its growth with their novel NO SELL, AUTO-COMPOUNDING YIELD VAULTS, in result this will make Maximizer “a yield boosting protocol on steroids”.

Platypus yields vePTP (The Platypus governance token) for users that are staking PTP and since Maximizer’s treasury vaults auto-compound PTP yield, the vePTP voting power in Platypus’s DAO for Maximizer will increase every single day.

In return, every $PTP accumulated into the $MAXI treasury permanently removes sell pressure on Platypus generated by traditional yield farming.

The Future of DeFi as seen by Maximizer

  • Liquidity flows to the fastest, cheapest, most reliable chains. Aka Avalanche
  • Platypus is already Avalanche’s stableswap powerhouse
  • As such, Platypus may very well become the leading stableswap for all of DeFi

Takie a deeper Dive into Maximizers view on @PlatypusDefi and why they are increasing bullish on the project via they tweetstrom below.

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