For a very long time, Avalanche was regarded by many as just an Etherium fork and dapps on the C-Chain were just copies of protocols that existed somewhere else. This changed last year when new and exciting projects started to show up.

One of such protocols – Platypus is now being forked by teams on other chains, which is very ironic, considering that during the MIM drama a lot of Twitter users were quick to label it as a Curve fork.

Platypus operates under a “business source license” more known as univ3 (as it was first used by Uniswap V3) and as such it is illegal to just fork it, which was brought to attention by the head of DeFi at Ava Labs.

Luigi quote tweeted Hummus Exchange, a Platypus fork on the Metis Network, an Ethereum’s optimistic rollup, which has received a lot of attention from users and investors such as DCF GOD.

Thankfully, it all ended well for everyone, as Platypus has just introduced a forking license for projects who want to build on their codebase and Hummus already announced that they are in process of finalizing that license. In future, to receive approval for a license teams will need to meet certain criteria, such as doxxing to Platypus, having timelocked contracts and granting token airdrops to vePTP holders.

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