yeti swap nft

Armed with a Rolex, a Walther PPK, and a slick haircut …

(Play this song while you read.)

Double-0 True Miller left for the unknown.

Deep behind enemy lines …

Yeti Swap’s NFT marketplace’s lines …

Mission brief

  • Find a Yeti.
  • Get it’s intel.
  • Write about it on the internet.

Yeti Swap links

Recovered intel

The Yeti Swap NFT marketplace was held for private Beta access. I, unfortunately, did not get in at the first post.

Sneaky rascals, they blocked mortals…

yeti swap nft marketplace coming soon
The screen you see if you’re not a secret agent.

No match for Avalanche Today agents.

Using some of the tricks used to uncover nuggets on BenQi last week, I abseiled through their window.

Shot a security guard in the face.

And 3 others.

Found it.

NFT marketplace overview.

yeti swap nft marketplace
An inside look at the NFT marketplace.

The NFTs are searchable, orderable, and available to buy instantly.

Yeti’s token is pretty incentivised here. The NFTs are mostly and traded for YTS, Yeti Swap’s token.

Notable NFTs will be traded.

Found support for Elk Finance’s Moose. Can’t way to cop some.

yeti swap avax moose
Yeti Swap will give us an Avalanche native place to buy and sell AVAX moose.

There are royalties too, perhaps there are some passive earnings to be paid to the NFT owners.

Creating NFTs

There are easy to use NFT creation tools. Single items, collections, and more.

create nft yeti swap

The single NFT approach is extremely user-friendly.

create single collectible nft on yeti  swap

Again, YTS is incentivised. It is required to pre-pay for different levels of royalties to be earned on an NFT’s exchange.

NFT gallery

You’ll be able to see your NFTs in your gallery. I … don’t have any NFTs … so …

yeti swap nft gallery
Here’s a figurative example.

Closing thoughts

It looks great. Lots of YTS incentivisation. Incorporating known NFTs; Moose from Elk, and no doubt our Avaware NFTs too.

Yeti’s NFT marketplace will give some much-needed competition to the Avalanche NFT market places.

Shaken. Not stirred…


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