The Real Goat Mafia (RGM) is a High-Quality Photographic collection of goats and their associated traits as the metadata. There are only 112 NFTs available, making them ultra-exclusive and scarce.

The team behind the RGM collection has taken real-life animals and inducted them into an exclusive mob, using super high-quality, artistic photographs along with each subject’s real-world data to make up each NFTs metadata.

“From an artistic standpoint, we felt there were too many cartoon animal NFT projects. We are also witnessing a sudden rise in AI art projects, but even still, something is missing. We wanted something real.”


Real Goat Mafia is the second project by The free WL was only made available to verified holders of their first project Avax Machina,

Each NFT is a high-quality portrait of a Goat, and will proudly display up to 8 different accurate real-life metadata such as weight, age, breed, and personality. Goats have an astounding amount of different attributes and inherent rarity, they also have a huge range of personalities that the team at AvaxNFTs has accurately captured by talking to their individual carers to understand their character during the production of the collection.

Why Real Goat Mafia?

Avax NFTs: “Firstly, we wanted the collection to demand respect. We really enjoyed the carelessness of the beautiful creatures, and although they operate independently, they also move around in a herd with zero fucks given. Across the blockchains, there has been a multitude of NFT goat projects, and naming the project was difficult. You’d be amazed at how unique each goat looks and acts, as there are hundreds of breeds.

“The photo collection is truly fantastic and we were blown away by the results. We needed a crew of people for the shoot, and chasing hundreds of goats to be photographed was the most arduous fun work we’ve ever had.”


What next for the RGM, post mint?

This will be left up to the community of holders, a holders channel for the Real Goats Mafia has been created and in there the mob can collectively decide what the Real Goat Mafia does going forward. It’s been noted that AvaxNFTs will retain the CCO & IP.

A decision was made to not include a roadmap as this is a fine art project. The members of the discord will decide what happens with the future of the project.

If great ideas are put forward by the community, the AvaxNFTs team will collectively decide on the best ideas to execute. For example, the team may look to bring awareness to the collection by minting on another chain, and rewarding holders, but everything is up for discussion currently.

“At end of the day, animals are arguably the most non fungible entity on the planet, and we feel that there are already enough cartoon animals taking the spotlight, so it’s time for something different!”


The Real Goat Mafia Twitter is now live, so please give it a follow.

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