What is RoboVault?

RoboVault offers single asset automated yield generation. Their goal is to consistently provide users above market yields on their assets through advanced delta-neutral strategies while hedging away market exposure. After a successful time on the Fantom network, RoboVault is launching its services on Avalanche.

Vaults on Avalanche

RoboVault recently launched USDC & WETH vaults on Avalanche. So far these vaults have performed well with USDC at 10% APY & ETH at 6.5% APY over the past 7 days.

Vaults are available here: https://www.robo-vault.com/vaults

Active Management with Keepers

RoboVault uses Keepers to actively manage positions. Avalanche has both ChainLink Keepers & Gelato live which they are able to utilise in addition to their own custom keepers ensuring maximum reliability in strategies to actively rebalance & maximise returns for users.

What’s next for RoboVault?

New Vaults

Over the next two weeks, RoboVault will be releasing vaults for BTC.b, USDT, AVAX & sAVAX. BTC.b. These are built on top of AAVE, Trader Joes & Vector Finance.

New Strategies

RoboVault has had a number of new strategies that they have been testing for some time, including a Joint LP Strategy and General Hedged LP strategy.

Learn more

RoboVault Website | RoboVault Twitter | RoboVault Discord

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