On 4 February, the much-awaited launchpad for Trader Joe: Rocket Joe, “Launch, List, and Farm“, was released. The first token launched on its platform is for “Heroes of NFT“, $HON, a card tournament-based NFT game within its own metaverse.

The launchpad system used by Rocket Joe is innovative, as it seeks to break away from the different methods used by other launchpads on the Avalanche network. To participate in it, you must stake your JOE in its launchpad, which will be converted into rJOE. By staking JOE you passively generate rJOEs, and this is what you will use to claim your share of the launch sale. The way it works is a bit complex, so I recommend you check out their infographic below.

Learn how to Rocket Joe launchpad works

The first day of launch has been a success, with over 20,000 AVAX deposited, and we look forward to seeing the final result of their first launch. Interesting approach isn’t it? If you are interested and didn’t make it in time for this one don’t worry, there will be more launchings and the rJOE you accumulate now will be valid for future launches. Happy launch!

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