The currently formed Snake Oil Club is the culmination of a vision held by the founder 0xUrkel. The club was set to be an elite group of members from around the Avalanche community bonded for a yet unknown reason.

“before I decided to use my index finger to create “art” on my phone, I had a plan, a dream, a goal. Avalanche allows for some crazy progress to be made with possibilities on the blockchain, this collection is a testbed for seeing what is possible when we work less on outward appearance and more on functionality, while still having a little degen fun and rewarding the crap out of our community.”

— 0xUrkel

Between 2/20/2022 and 4/11/2022 over 650 different people (Industry Veteran/Whale crypto holders all the way to First time NFT owners) on the Avalanche Blockchain, politely asked for a Free NFT created by 0xUrkel, completing the first-ever proof of kindness mint.

There was no public-facing website and all it took to mint was a polite ask from 0xUrkel for a Snake Oil Club NFT on Twitter and he would mint directly to requester’s wallets! Within only a few weeks the collection became Verified on both NFTrade and Campfire. Snake Oil Club is now highly celebrated in the AVAX NFT community.

So far the community has been enjoying the amazing giveaways and partnerships with/ from CheesyverseLooks Rare NFTVending Machine NFTBanksyTiny BonesAVADiceCryptoDickheadsBaby Skullz NFTChikn.FarmFiratHopper gameAVAX Warriors, and many others just to name a few.

A recent giveaway by Snake Oil Club

What’s Next?

In Phase 2 for Snake Oil Club, SOC holders will still be enjoying the amazing perks enjoyed in Phase 1 (multiple NFT and crypto giveaways to random SOC Holders each week) but also the start of some new fun! SOC Scavenger Hunts, SOC Launch / Relaunch Platform, SOC Live, SOC Staking, and SOC Partnerships and Collabs are some of the new perks of being in Snake Oil Club!

SOC Scavenger Hunts

SOC Scavenger Hunts is a global scavenger hunt game to be played over the next 10+ years. SOC Clues NFTs are minted and airdropped at random to Snake Oil Club NFT holders and first hints of new clue reveals are given in the holders’ only SOC discord channel.

SOC Launch / ReLaunch Platform

There are tons of collections out there that have great intentions but could use help getting off the ground. A great community is crucial to a great launch and SOC is here to help.

If you are a Founder, Creator, or Artist looking to launch your collection, Snake Oil Club is offering a great place to get an amazing community behind your product! This is a SOC holder-only perk that allows your less than amazing launch to live on to greatness through the SOC community! Through this program SOC is able to relaunch and mass airdrop different communities’ NFTs to the amazing community through donation, bringing life into your collection. If your smart contract, whitepaper, roadmap, or website isn’t set up for greatness, Snake Oil Club can help get you on the right foot with that as well.

SOC Live

SOC Live are real-world events for Snake Oil Club Holders. More will be released in the coming weeks, SOC Badge is required for entry (More info soon).

SOC Partnerships / Collabs

Partnerships and collaborations will continue as they did in Phase 1, except with the addition of physical brands to the mix. Breaking free from the virtual world Snake Oil Club is partnering with real-world physical brands bringing real-world product prizes, discounts, and giveaways exclusively for SOC holders. SOC Launch will also partner with physical brand companies to help them compete in the global market.

“To Our Amazing Community, Thank you so much to our amazing Snake Oil Club Community! Without your polite asks, none of this would be possible.

Snake Oil Gonna Make It, #SOGMI”

0xUrkel – Snake Oil Club Founder

To learn more about Snake Oil Club be sure to follow along on Twitter and check out the medium for further releases and information.

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