The Avalanche Summit is finished and everyone has got an idea of where we are heading in the coming months: a complex network of subnets. Subnets are one of the big attractions of Avalanche, as they are a unique way of understanding where the industry is heading, which is why incentives for their development are now popping up, as we saw with Avalanche Multiverse.

During the last Avalanche Summit Hackathon, the Avalanche Foundation offered $100,000 in rewards for those who completed tasks related to the “subnet wishlist”. In addition to these funds, other entities also contributed. This is the case of Coinbase who offered a $30,000 reward for integrating a subnet dApp into the Coinbase Wallet. If you are interested in the full list of rewards, click here.

The list of bounties is extensive, and includes big names such as Chainlink, Ankr, Dexalot, Wowsap, among many others. To give an example of a bounty, Ledger offered up to $10,000 for testing the compatibility of its Ledger Live app with AVAX; or Dexalot, which offered up to $5,000 for developing a market making bot using Dexalot’s smart contracts.

The Avalanche Foundation divided the amount of its rewards among five categories, with $20,000 for each of them (if you want to know the winner projects, press here):

  • Best optimised procompile EVM.
  • Best ledger-compatible subnet UI.
  • Best subnet notification for expiring validators.
  • Best custom VM subnet implementation.
  • Best dApp deployed on a subnet.

Subnets are becoming more and more familiar to the general public, and will become even more in the near future, especially once they are integrated into the local wallet with the launch of Core, the Ava Labs wallet. Mass adoption is only a matter of time, so don’t miss the opportunity to witness it unfold!

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