Just in. A brand new, Paladin audited, mythical, yield farm. The Dragon’s Lair.

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And damn it’s a hot one.

Brief overview

  • Avalanche-based, yield farm.
  • Blockchain gaming roadmap.
  • $DREGG is their native token.
  • They’re available on Trader Joe.
  • Contract address: 0x88c090496125b751B4E3ce4d3FDB8E47DD079c57
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DREGG price climbing in a strong uptrend.

Quick links

What you need to know

1. Only 0.25m tokens

A low supply. And, there’re plenty of hints towards liquidity burning and buybacks. Check out their GitBook, linked above. Where there are deflationary price mechanics, Price goes up.

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2. Stealth-launched on Sept 6th

Sure, we’re about a week on. But, the project is still incredibly attractive. And, somewhat whale-free.

Unlike the swathes of blockchain gaming outlets popping up, having sold 999m$ of tokens to the devil. The Dragon’s Lair went stealth, and fair.

Rewarding only the bravest adventurers.

3. Roadmap leads to blockchain gaming

This is definitely something that can be overlooked. Especially for people that only judge yield farms by their cover.

See, the roadmap hints towards a rich future in play-to-earn gaming.

image 25

Arguably one of the most lucrative niches in the space over the next few years. Especially with recurring lockdowns worldwide.

Getting in early will set up nicely once layer 2 launches. With multiple gaming aspects.

4. Micro marketcap at present

The metrics show we’re all early to the next craze.

image 26

At the time of writing DREGG is tangling with a $1 million market cap ceiling, only too thin for larger investors, and eager to take off.

5. Dual chain project

They’re starting out on Avalanche. Rightfully so, it’s the best.

image 27

But, they’re also venturing into the Polygon realms too. Note to reader: Avalanche investors are in before the Polygon presale takes place. Take note.

6. They’re on VFAT

One of the popular farming aggregators. VFAT tools. Already has DREGG integrated. See here:

image 28

7. Audited & KYC’d

You can buy DREGG on Trader Joe, now. If you choose to.

And one more thing. They’ve even got in touch with our favorites. RugPull Prevention. Who’ve done a great run-through.

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