The metaverse is a word that has recently been being thrown around a lot, we asked Avaware founder Metadept or “Meta” what his thoughts were on the new technology and how he see’s the future unfolding.

I see the metaverse developing as an augmented overlay over our existing everyday reality. I wake up every morning and go for run everyday. My watch keeps track of how many steps I take, if I exercised, my heart rate, and how well I slept last night. It does all this without needing anything on my part, I just buy it and then install the app.

It’s the same idea with the EEG headband that I put on before I meditate, or the phone I use to leave a review of the local pizza joint. I think the evolution of these types of technologies and feedback tools combined with blockchain technology opens up a whole realm of possibilities which we are now just beginning to see the rise of with decentralized finance and gaming.

As the feedback loop becomes more rewarding and fun more people become more involved, naturally. Imagine you get rewarded in $CABAG for your morning run, you’re gonna be healthy af. I really like what the team over at is working on. The old school 2D MMORPG tilemap style visuals paired with webcam, headset, and mouse immersion is a fun and winning combination.

I think the solutions that will perform best will be the teams and projects that tend toward an open source model. Since a lot of these things could be built on existing hardware that’s readily available, I think these teams imaginations really is the only limit here.


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