The Avalanche Party Animals team is back and appears primed to make waves in the Avalanche space once again. Today April 15th will mark the launch of the all-new APA Gals party animal collection, and excitement levels are off the charts. As one may expect, this release is set to feature the ever notorious “Wolfie” the lovable, unofficial mascot of Avalanche featured in the original APA release.

Shaking things Up

Today, the APA Team released The List containing the addresses of lucky NFT holders from the original APA collection. These addresses signify those who were randomly selected to receive a free mint from the new collection. Interestingly, this list contains the majority of those that will be able to receive an NFT at mint as there are only 1,000 APA Gals available.

That’s right, only 1,000 total APA Gals will be minted

The APA team reserved 90% of the supply to be given to APA holders, leaving the remaining 10% available to the public at the time of mint. The income generated from the APA Gals minted today will be donated to a charity that focuses on women’s empowerment.

Mint Details

Friday, April 22, 2022, 4:00 PM EST

Cost: 2 $AVAX

Supply: 66 APA Gals

APA Gals Market

If you weren’t lucky enough to be selected or hold an APA at the time of the snapshot, don’t fret! The APA Gals marketplace will be activated immediately upon the start of the mint so be prepared to get in early and seize the opportunities.

Sneak Peek

The ever-talented @Designooz has done it once again, and you can take a sneak peek at his awesome work prior to release!


There have been some hints towards some very exciting utility for the new set and what seems to be the possibility of integration with the prior. Those that have acquired an NFT from each of the subsets, may be in for quite the surprise.


There is no tier system like found in the original APAs set applied to APA gals. The free market will decide the floor prices for the Gals.

Lottery Winner List

How do I know if I’m eligible for a Free Mint?

List – as found in the APA Discord #Announcements

If you owned APAs at the time of the snapshot, you may search the list above for the address where you house your APAs. If you find it then congratulations you’ve made the cut and are welcomed to mint your very own APA Gal today, in a few short hours.

Note: Not all holders were able to be selected. Those chosen were done so randomly, with fairness in mind.

what is an APA?

Avalanche Party Animals (APA) are a collection of unique, hand-drawn NFTs based on the unofficial Avalanche mascot, party animal “Wolfie”. There are 10,000 unique party animals with various background colors, accessories, and fur types. The collection sold out within one day of opening its doors and has had the community enthralled ever since. If you arent a holder already and you’d like to join the crew, visit the official APA Marketplace for a safe & secure, experience.

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