Embr.Finance is a one-stop shop for DeFi investments living on the Avalanche Network. Embr offers both unique and lucrative, decentralized investment strategies that are made possible by the integration of the latest and greatest DeFi protocols.

Since its launch, EMBR has readily provided multiple DeFi options for its users, including popular investment and stable pools, farming options, and access to seamless on-site trading features. Historically, Embr.Finance has offered a share of their earned protocol fees as a reward to users providing liquidity in the EMBR pools and is now excited to announce a whole new way to be rewarded.

Introducing xEmbr

xEmbr is a nontradeable, protocol native token that enables users to earn rewards from the newly available xEMBR Reward Pool. The reward pool is funded by the fees earned on the Embr platform as well as further amounts added for partner promotions. Funds have also made their way into the pool, coming directly from donations made by the Embr.Finance team. xEMBR can only be obtained by staking Embr on Embr.Finance, and will be the key to harnessing the newly available rewards.

Staking EMBR

To stake EMBR visit Embr.Finance and enter the number of tokens you desire to stake, then select “Stake EMBR”. When staking, you will be granted xEmbr at a 1:1 ratio, 1 EMBR Staked = 1 xEmbr granted. Please note, that xEMBR can only be obtained by staking Embr on Embr.Finance.

The image below shows just how simple it is to stake your EMBR using the staking input panel given on-site.

Embr Staking Input Panel – Embr.Finance


User rewards are issued once per week and can consist of up to 10 of the top-performing Avalanche tokens on the network. The reward amount distributed to participants will vary as the amounts are determined regarding each users’ share in the xEMBR Reward Pool. The more you stake, the more you earn. Though, The number of tokens held won’t be the only factor playing into the amount earned, as you are able to earn permanent staking multipliers dependent on how long you’ve had EMBR staked.


When exiting the xEmbr reward pool, the EMBR you have staked will be held for 1 week in a smart contract escrow (easily verifiable on-chain). You are encouraged to wait 1 week for the cooldown period to expire to retrieve your EMBR and withdraw or reinvest. However, you are welcome to withdraw at any point subject to the “paper hands fee”. The “Paper Hands Fee” is implemented directly into Embr’s staking protocol to dissuade users interested in short-term staking and also to negate possible malicious attempts.


xEmbr is the latest of many great offerings brought to you by the Embr.Finance team. Embr.Finance aims to continually provide DeFi’s latest options and opportunities to all of its users.

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