tip blue farm

Tip Blue is Avalanche’s native tipping bot. Built by Avaware. Intended for all.

Any project, or community, will be able to integrate Tip Blue. Directly into their discord channels.

In the future, there will be further integrations. Both with Telegram and Reddit. And perhaps more.

The bot is nearing completion. As if the rest of the Tip Blue app.

For now, you can farm BLUE via the Tip Blue Farm page.

There are two farms available:

  1. BLUE single staking. Which takes only BLUE and prints more.
  2. BLUE/AVAX PGL farming. Which takes BLUE/AVAX Pangolin liquidity tokens.

Returns are variable. Based on emission schedules and volume of BLUE in the pools.

BLUE is currently available for trading on Pangolin.

pangolin blue
Pangolin’s BLUE market stats.
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