The mysterious "Trader Joe" has begun shaking things up recently. They’re yet to launch, but they’re trying every trick in the book to grab attention.

In a number of "David vs Goliath" tweets, Trader Joe has put out attacks (in jest) towards Pangolin. Poking fun at them for their perceived lack of innovation.

The slights have been posted on their Twitter account. Calling Pangolin "orange Uniswap", and leaving Pangolin out of community graphics.

The first shots fired at Pangolin

Trader Joe introduced their project, after keeping their project aim a secret for some time.

They then pivoted, and begun firing at the top DEX–Pangolin.

In later advancements, more blows were served by the cunning social media marketers behind Trader Joe.

Trader Joe leaves out Pangolin and calls them “orange uniswap”

They’ve also been accusing them of "poor farm management". Amongst other things.

Pangolin seems to be taking it well for now. But, we can’t help wondering when the dog (Pangolin) will bite. After all, the fun seems to be quite one-sided at the moment.

Does Pangolin have a comeback up their sleeve? Or will they keep their distance from the young project? Trader Joe is sure throwing their weight around.

Pangolin’s first response

One thing’s for sure. Trader Joe is on Pangolin’s radar. In fact, the folks at Pangolin even used an altered image in their latest newsletter. Is this a hint of things to come? Or are they simply trying to pacify any growing tensions?

The mischievousness continues.

In a later response from Trader Joe. We saw another addition. Where Trader Joe mentioned Pangolin using their image.

The response from the Avalanche community has been varied. Some people seeing it as a toxic approach.

Others are down-right angry about the gaslighting.

On thing is for sure.

We’re excited to see whether Pangolin will make a comeback in light of any future advancements.

Why Are Pangolins Endangered? | Greentumble

Or will they just curl up and hope it goes away?

The Trader Joe telegram seems to be building into an anti-Pangolin uprising.

  1. Pangolin might be an orange Uniswap but it’s got more TVL than this shady looking copy and paste with a few new additions.

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