Avaware just released the latest NFT of the ‘Avaware Artist Series’ collection, which includes exceptional high resolution downloadable artwork and 3 tracks from the known rapper Alex Wiley, from Chicago. If you’re interested in learning more about his music, I recommend you check his SoundCloud.

The work is titled ‘Unmoved’ and is priced at 20 $AUSD per unit in the Avaware NFT Shop. In addition to being able to download the artwork and music through his IPFS, you can also stake your NFTs and generate AVE in a passive way, recovering what you paid in a short time. If you are interested, be sure to get yours, as there is a limit of 500 units.

Following the release of Magnus Low’s hip hop album Moonbraker, also through NFTs, this is the second time we have seen this format. We will surely see more singers or other artists showing their skills through NFTs. So, do you feel like demonstrating your talent?

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