An exciting announcement has been made for the latest Avalanche Rush incentive program. Pangolin has officially joined in and will soon have access to $2 Million in AVAX rewards.

The joint efforts of Pangolin, Terra Labs, Axelar, and Avalanche are bringing TerraUSD or $UST, (stablecoin coming from the Terra blockchain) to Avalanche. $UST is known to be the most available and widely used algorithmic stablecoin of any of the blockchains. The initiative aims to democratize stablecoins on the Avalanche Network, while also increasing stablecoin usage and volume across the network.

The availability of $2 million in $AVAX rewards will be made available to incentivize adoption, beyond that, two additional rewards will be available in the form of $LUNA & $PNG. These are to be distributed in a three token reards Super Farm on Pangolin.

Pangolin Super Farms change the game of liquidity mining and will set the pace for the future of the DeFi. These rewards will all be available on the UST-AVAX and UST-USDC Super Farms.

“We are ecstatic to take part in the Avalanche Rush program again. Pangolin strives to have the best DEX experience through deep liquidity, easy swaps, advanced tooling, and smooth onboarding. With the support of Avalanche Rush, Pangolin will continue to push the bar in building DEX products that support ecosystem growth and delivering value to users within the Avalanche ecosystem using innovative new products like the recently launched Super Farms,” said Justin Trolip, Pangolin Core Team.

– Pangolin

This Rush will soon include other native projects as the Avalanche Foundation scales up entrants to the program, The Avalanche Foundation encourages new and existing native applications on Avalanche to apply. Requirements for eligibility will be released soon. Pangolin’s Avalanche Rush will begin in Q1 2022.

To apply for the Avalanche native DApp program as part of Avalanche Rush, visit this link.

 Pangolin: Website and Twitter

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