Vrumble app is a group video chat and live streaming esports gameshow platform for NFTs.  You can take your NFTs, that you already own, from any blockchain, anoint them into Vrumble App using a Rift Sparkle NFT, then it can be put into battle against other NFTs in real-time minigame tournaments where users can climb through the leaderboards, and win crypto gaming prizes (erc20 Game Token SUJI).  Vrumble hosts all of the game’s logic and their NFTs on the Avalanche Blockchain, utilizing the fast transaction finality, the low gas fees, and unrivaled scalability. 

The Rift Sparkle Mint Opens Tomorrow! Wednesday, June 15th

Reign victorious in the Metaverse

A new way to bring utility to your NFTs

Vrumblers love the utility of NFTs and the new layer of ownership it provides to the internet. Everyone is bullish on their collections and communities. There is a ton of passion and friendly competition heating up across the world of NFTs and the disparate collections and the aim is to bring it all together.

‘Anoint’ an NFT like a BAYC or a CoolCat. That NFT is then assigned a mystic power on-chain, and can then be used to throw down in a multi-ring battle of Vrumble mini-games and tournaments. Finally, there is SOMETHING to do with all those NFTs you’ve been collecting, now they’ve got powers!

Important Dates

June 15th @ 6:45 pm PST – Public – Rift Sparkle Mint – 1.5 AVAX – https://vrumble.io/anoint#sparkles

June 19th @ 6 pm PST – Vrumbler Mint PreSale – 3 $AVAX – https://vrumble.io/mint

June 20th @ 6 pm PST – Vrumbler Mint Public – 3 $AVAX – https://vrumble.io/mint

The Team

Tesuji.io dev services company is composed of 15 people, founded in 2017. They have been developing Vrumble in off cycles for the past 4 years.  The company’s mission is to connect people through play and love for the utility of nfts as well as the amazing communities and friendly competition heating up around the many disparate NFT collections.  They have set their sites on creating a place for them all to battle and earn, together. 

Vrumble 3.0 is already live on ios and android

Vrumble 4.0 has the NFT mystic-powered experience and development is flying forward for release very soon!

Vrumble plans to be the Olympic Games of NFTS, a place where users can come together with any NFT from any chain to video chat, live stream, have fun, and upgrade mystic powers on-chain, while also earning, and bringing public honor to their favorite collection.

Vrumbler NFT Collection

Cute Vrumblers with endless utility

Vrumbler NFTs unlock premium experiences in the Vrumble ecosystem like staking to earn our SUJI token, auto-anointed, elevated mystical powers, tournament hosting, and more.

The first Anointed collection is 7,777 Vrumblers. They are cute and powerful 3D generative art NFTs that unlock Vrumble’s in-game characters, interactive AR facemasks, and play-to-earn mechanics that give players some skin in the game. With the Vrumblers Collection, you can Stake the NFT, earn on-chain erc20 token called SUJI, and then Anoint more NFTs from all chains, Upgrade your Mystic powers ON-CHAIN, and more.

Mint a Vrumbler!

Rift Sparkle NFTs

Rift Sparkles not only allow you to “anoint” and battle NFTS you already own, but they are also your personal “allow list” for minting a Vrumbler NFT.

Rift Sparkles have been set with a soft cap of 15,000.


What does this mean? It means that you can take y our NFT from any chain, collection/contract address, and “anoint” it. This attaches “mystical powers” as a record on the avalanche network, that is now linked to your NFT. These newly anointed powers are now fetch-able for all the games in which you can use your anointed NFT.

Mystical Powers

Types of Mystical Powers: Earth, Aether, Fire, Water, Shadow, Moon, Sun

To anoint an NFT a Rift Sparkle must be burned.

Rift Sparkles are generated through:

A Supply cap of 1000 per week with that amount slowly diminishing over time.

1. These rift sparkles can be purchased with $SUJI or $AVAX during the initial sales window, but then will be available exclusively via $SUJI after that.

2. Crystallization

3. Through Sponsorship


VRumble have created a method, On-Chain that allows a player to:

1. Select an NFT Collection on a Specific Chain

2. Pay to sponsor that entire collection + pay for a bundle of Rift Sparkles 1-100

3. That collection is now sponsored, and the Rift Sparkles are airdropped to the Player.

4. That player can now send rift sparkles to anyone, those players can burn the Rift Sparkles, and Anoint their NFT.

5. If another player later wants to Anoint an NFT with a later bought Rift Sparkle(that they bought), that player receives 50% of the total price of the Rift Sparkle back into their Wallet ( In SUJI) as a Rebate as that entire NFT collection is Sponsored.

6. And the Sponsor? They also get 10% of Rift Sparkle SUJI price as a Rebate after every Anoint that occurs of their Sponsored Collection providing a great incentive for new sponsors!

Note: the user that receives an AirDropped Rift Sparkle will not receive the rebate, it’s the original Minter of the Rift Sparkle that gets the rebate.


If you own 3 Anointed NFTs, once every 5 days you can Crystalize, pay the SUJI required, and summon/mint a Rift Sparkle.

Start battling today

Vrumble is filling a void and providing a place to come together, battle, have fun, and bring honor to your collection. The Vrumbler NFTs are an opportunity to build a community around this vision of fun competition and interactive play.

Website | Discord | Mint | Twitter

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