Wanderella is an NFT collection launched last January, which we already covered in Avalanche Today explaining the details of the project, where it should be highlighted its vindicative role regarding empowered women. How is the project going?

What have they been working on?

  • Wanderella has announced several partnerships with other NFT projects to make cross promos, such as Chikn, AVAX Apes, Defi Dinos, Winter Witches and Rebel Society, a – big women-led NFT.
  • To reward those who have purchased their works, Wanderella has organised giveaways for its holders.
  • A selection of 10 holders will be rewarded with a real artwork, which will be sent to their home.
  • You can now verify ownership via Discord.

What’s next?

  • They are looking to increase the number of partnerships even more, including a very special one with 8sian NFT, with whom they are going to run a big giveaway. 8sian aims to bring together members who share admiration for Asian cultures, so is a very exciting collaboration for Wanderella!
  • More raffles to giveaway epic NFTs.
  • An airdrop of 5 exclusive NFTs for their holders once they have exceeded 20% mint.
  • As the project progresses, they also intend to give out merch for holders and start selling it.
  • Once they reach 100% mint the plan is to acquire a land in the metaverse where they can build their own museum, creating a community treasury where their holders can take advantage of the sales.

This project joins art with NFTs, with social vindication and with a special focus on the Asian market. These are certainly interesting ingredients for the development of the project, and hopefully the first of many projects in this direction.   

Wanderella NFT collection
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