Avalanche is more than meets the eye. There are a couple of innovations behind Avalanche that technologically give it the advantages that are required to embark on the mission of digitizing everything. 

The first innovation is that it has a very different consensus protocol that is much faster than other protocols. The Snowball Algorithm is the building block of this consensus which can finalize a trade in less than a second! So fast that in two blinks of the eye we have an immutable transaction. That makes Avalanche the fastest way to move value from one place to another, from one person to another, anywhere across the globe.

The second innovation is that it scales with the number of participants (nodes) in it, whereas other protocols typically cannot as they have a cap on the number of participants in the protocol. Avalanche can absorb millions of nodes in its consensus protocol – compared to Bitcoin Core nodes that currently number around 14,000 and Ethereum with about 2,800 nodes. Snowball is very scalable – even as the number of participant nodes increases the number of consensus messages sent remains the same no matter the number of nodes in the network.

The third innovation that makes Avalanche different is the fact that it has a different architecture. Other cryptocurrencies provide a “one-size-fits-all” solution that builds one thing for the entire user base. If you have different needs or need a different virtual machine, you need a different set of rules for your assets and it becomes difficult to enforce the rules. What Avalanche does is with the concept of subnets – so you can create a universe with your own rules, your own virtual machines, custom-tailored to your specific use case.

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